Event Lighting

Our goal is to create beautiful settings that dramatically enhance your event decor and showcase you and your guests in the most flattering light. Lighting is the best way to transform a whole room or simply add accent decor elements throughout an entire venue.

Wireless LED Uplighting

Uplighting is the most visually powerful lighting technique. We provide 100% wireless LED Uplighting which allows us the freedom to place fixtures just about anywhere without unsightly cable runs or the use of ugly gaff tape. The true beauty comes in there ability to change colors and match the theme of any event! Our lighting can be blended and mixed to match over 60 million colors and shades. Unlike most uplighting packages, Beachside’s have the ability to change throughout your event and even double as your dance floor effects.  Most importantly, our wireless LED uplights do not get hot, and they are safe to be used around children!

Pin Spotting

cake Spot Pic by Monarch Studios

Pin Spotting is an easy and effective way to illuminate the important elements at your event. We use small, battery powered, wireless fixtures that can blend into any decor. You’ve spent a lot of money and countless hours choosing your cake, centerpieces and food. Don’t let them sit in the dark!

Dance Floor Effect Lighting

One of the best ways to encourage your guests to get up and rush the dance floor is to create a fun and exciting atmosphere. In addition to great music, dance floor effects do this best. We provide a wide variety ranging from wash lights,  centerpiece effects, Intelligent moving heads, lasers and even the good old classic mirror ball to choose from.

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